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Gainesville Families Victims’ Hope Fund with Hasty Pope Davies, LLP Davies, LLP

Our hearts broke when we heard about the Prime Pak – part of the Foundation Food Group – liquid nitrogen leak in Gainesville in late January that killed 6 workers and injured a dozen more people. While investigations are ongoing to determine whether the liquid nitrogen leak was the result of negligence or reckless conduct, the tragedy has caused such grief and loss in the lives of several local families. We of Hasty Pope Davies, LLP Davies want to do our part in helping those families find some sense of stability again after this tragedy, which is why we have worked with Art Gallegos, President of Latino Conservative Organization, and Camille Viera, owner of Camille Viera Services, to set up a trust with the help of members of the Hispanic community that will have a bank account at Peach State Bank in Gainesville.

Five members of the local Hispanic community will help by managing the trust, including Art Gallegos, Camille Viera, Fred Lavelly, Saul Reyes, and Maria Carillo. They will make sure the money placed into the trust is distributed appropriately to all of the affected families.

We want to send sincere thanks to the great people who will be helping to manage this trust. It means so much to our firm to see our community come together, and we know it means the world to the families it will benefit. Thank you for being so kind and caring! When we are together, our community can find resolve and hope following any tragedy.

If you’d like to know more about the trust that we are setting up at the Gainesville Peach State Bank for the families of those lost in the Prime Pak liquid nitrogen leak disaster, then please contact Peach State Bank at (770) 536-1100 or contact our firm at any time. Also, contact our firm if you need help with a work injury or wrongful death claim. Our attorneys are always standing by to hear from new and returning clients.