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The increasing number of motorcyclists on the road makes motorcycle accidents more and more likely. When a motorcycle rider is injured or killed, the rider or surviving family members may seek compensation from the liable party. A Canton motorcycle accident lawyer from Hasty Pope will handle your case professionally and provide the personalized attention you require.

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Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Each motorcycle accident is unique and so are the injuries sustained by motorcyclists. In some situations, the rider’s injuries may be relatively minor or limited to broken bones or fractures. Unfortunately, due to the relative lack of protection on a motorcycle, many people suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries in a crash.

Serious injuries suffered in motorcycle crashes may include:

    After suffering severe injuries, the motorcyclist will often face a prolonged recovery period. Extensive rehabilitation and medical care may be required to treat the injuries. Injured riders often feel stressed and overwhelmed with the costs of this care, as they are simultaneously unable to go to work and make a living. If the accident was the fault of the other driver, you may be able to seek compensation for your damages.

    Experienced Representation for Riders

    It is important to choose a Canton motorcycle accident attorney with experience handling cases similar to yours. At Hasty Pope, our lawyers will begin by speaking with you to gather all relevant information about the crash to fully understand the cause of the accident and resulting damage. This allows us to develop a tailored approach for your case to provide the most effective representation possible.

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    Verdicts & Settlements

    • 9,000,000 Head-On Collision
    • 5,000,000 Rear-End Accident
    • $2,800,000 Dental Malpractice
    • $2,500,000 Intersection Collision
    • 2,000,000 Intersection Collision
    • 1,735,000 Distracted Driving Accident
    • $1,700,000 T-Bone Collision
    • 1,650,000 Accident on MARTA Bus
    • $1,300,000 Rear-End Collision
    • $1,300,000 Motor Vehicle Accidents