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Motorcycle Accident Claims

A typical motorcycle accident ends with the motorcyclist suffering serious and life-changing injuries. The compensation required to help the rider get proper medical treatment and find financial stability in the years to come can easily range into six- or seven-digit figures. Insurance companies know as much, which is why they are notorious for ferociously fighting motorcycle accident claims.

When you need to file a motorcycle accident claim in Gainesville, Georgia, come to Hasty Pope, LLP and our trial attorneys first. We battle big insurance companies, so you don’t have to. With more than 130 years of collective legal experience, our team is ready to manage your case, no matter how complex or uphill it might seem right now.

When Every Penny of Compensation Counts

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What are the Most Common Motorcycle Injuries?

Catastrophic injuries tend to follow in the wake of a motorcycle accident. Which types of severe injuries are the most common, and did you suffer any of them? Our team can network with medical experts to get a full understanding of your injuries, what treatments will be needed in the future, and how your life could be permanently changed because of your crash.

Some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries are:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Permanent scarring from road rash

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

At high speeds, a motorcycle accident can result in fatal injuries, often caused by a head or brain injury to the rider. Our law firm handles wrongful death claims for surviving family members with genuine compassion and care. You can rely on us to develop the claim without making you feel rushed because we know that your time to grieve is not something that should be set aside.

How Much Can You Sue for a Motorcycle Accident?

After being in a motorcycle accident, you will understandably want to know how much your claim could be worth. The answer will not be clear at first, though. Many factors can change the overall value of your claim and what you can demand in a lawsuit if your case escalates to that step.

Georgia is an "At-Fault" State

The most significant factor that will change your claim’s value is your own liability for your accident. The greater your liability, the less you can receive from the other involved parties. Georgia is an at-fault accident insurance state, so you should work with our attorneys to gather and use evidence that proves you were not at-fault – or liable – for your motorcycle accident.

Other factors that can change the value of your motorcycle accident claim:

  • Extent of your injuries and how long they will last
  • Predicted maximum medical improvement (MMI)
  • Your average wages earned before your crash
  • Age and condition of your motorcycle

Should You Get a Lawyer for a Motorcycle Accident?

You do not technically need an injury attorney to file a motorcycle accident claim. Yet most people who go up against insurance companies without professional representation will usually admit to regretting it. Insurance companies will spring at the chance to exploit weaknesses in your claim if you do not have a motorcycle accident lawyer standing by your side and acting for you.

Painting motorcyclists in an unfair light is also a favorite insurance company defense tactic. If your claim goes to court, then they will likely try to convince the judge and jury that you are reckless by nature as a motorcycle rider and, therefore, you must have contributed to your accident in some way. Creating a convincing counterargument can be difficult on your own since the words of the defense counsel are going to feel personal.

How Hasty Pope, LLP Can Hel With Your Claim

Trusting in our Gainesville motorcycle accident attorneys to represent you throughout your case will give a fresh and experienced perspective into the matter. From our unique vantage point, we can turn the situation around and chip at the weak points in the opposition’s argument until they are compelled to offer a fair settlement amount or until we are certain jury will rule in your favor.

Discuss your case with our motorcycle injury lawyers in Gainesville, GA today by calling (770) 741-1951.

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