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Hasty Pope, LLP Recovered $1.65 Million for Person Injured in an Incident Involving MARTA Bus Negligence

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Our legal team represented a woman who sustained a permanent nerve injury in an incident in which the wheelchair ramp of a MARTA bus closed on her foot. The case resulted in a $1.65 million settlement for the victim.

The plaintiff, in this case, was a passenger on a MARTA bus in 2016 when the accident occurred. The bus was being operated by a trainee, who was learning their job responsibilities while being supervised by a more experienced employee. The injury victim, who was 52 at the time, stepped off the bus and tripped on the wheelchair ramp. When the trainee driver deactivated the lift, it landed on the victim’s foot and crushed it for several seconds before the experienced driver intervened. A surveillance camera on the bus captured footage of the incident.

The passenger sustained soft tissue damage in the incident, and her injury developed into complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). She has been unable to work since the accident due to the pain. Her doctors and medical experts supported the plaintiff’s claims of sustaining CRPS and testified that the pain would likely always be part of the victim’s life. Her treatment included the implantation of a neuromuscular nerve stimulator.

The plaintiff, represented by Hasty Pope, LLP, LLP, sued MARTA in Fulton County State Court in 2017. Attorney Tom Pope III served as lead counsel in this case.

MARTA and their defense team denied the need for the plaintiff’s neuromuscular implant, despite a medical expert’s support of her injury claims. They also attempted to deny that the trainee’s negligence in operating the wheelchair ramp created a dangerous environment for the plaintiff.

The case settled for $1.65 million prior to the selection of a trial date.

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