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Attorney Pope Appointed to Two Jury Trial Committees

Photo of attorney Jonathan Pope

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed practically every way the government and its branches operate, including the judicial branch. Due to the risk of spreading the deadly virus, jury trials have been halted or slowed in courts around the country, which means that thousands and thousands of Americans are finding themselves in a backlogged court system for all types of legal matters, like criminal and civil cases. In an effort to resume jury trial safely here in Georgie, The Chief Justice of the Georgie Supreme Court, Charles Melton, has issued an order that all Chief Judges in the state form think-tank committees to help solve this crisis.

Attorney Jonathan Pope of Hasty Pope, LLP, LLP in Canton is one of the most reputable names in personal injury litigation in Georgia due to his extensive experience and long history of impressive case results. In recognition of his abilities, knowledge, and insight, two Chief Judges have appointed Jonathan to the jury trial committees in their Circuits.

Attorney Pope has been assigned to the following jury trial committees:

  • Northeastern Judicial Circuit, as appointed by Chief Judge Kathy Gosselin
  • Blue Ridge Judicial Circuit, as appointed by Chief Judge Ellen McElyea

Jury Trials are For the People

As an avid advocate for the wrongfully injured, Attorney Pope understands the importance of jury trials and their potential to secure justice and fair compensation for plaintiffs in ways that settlement negotiations often cannot. In many ways, jury trials are advantageous for plaintiffs who can find resolution when stubborn insurers and defendants will not take their cases seriously, so, without the option of a jury trial, plaintiffs are at a disadvantage. Jonathan is driven to do his absolute best while acting on these two jury trial committees in order to hopefully allow jury trials to resume across Georgia and perhaps the United States as soon as possible.

Big Questions & Bigger Solutions

Members of the jury trial committees are faced with these questions and more:

  • How can in-person jury trials and grand jury proceedings be resumed safely?
  • What remote measures can be implemented that have not been already?
  • Is it possible to handle jury trials at a rate faster than they were being managed pre-pandemic?
  • Should pending and unindicted cases be sorted and handled by urgency?
  • When new measures and standards are decided, how can the instructions be distributed for guidance? What can be done to ensure compliance?

Jonathan is known by his peers as the attorney who climbed Mount Rainier in Washington for the challenge of it. When faced with difficult questions and complexities as he will on both of these jury trial committees, Attorney Pope is not only unintimidated, but he is actually motivated to succeed. The bigger the challenge, the stronger he gets.

You can learn more about Attorney Jonathan Pope and our work at Hasty Pope, LLP, LLP in Canton, Georgia by calling (770) 741-1951 or contacting us online at any time.