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Hasty Pope, LLP Attorneys Earn $2.8 million Verdict in Dental Malpractice Case


GAINESVILLE, Ga. (Aug. 26, 2014) – Hasty Pope, LLP attorneys Jonathan A. Pope and Dustin Davies won a $2.8 million verdict in a dental malpractice case in the State Court of DeKalb County last week.

The firm’s client, a 33-year-old, married, mother of four, received treatment at Coast Dental for crown work in 2008. She paid $20,000 for the proposed treatment plan that was never completed, and the work that was done was not done well or in a timely manner.

“The dental work ‘deviated from the standard of care,’” said Pope. “Our client is going to require a complete restoration of her upper and lower teeth, and she’s already lost three teeth because of the work that was done.”

In addition to the malpractice claim, there was also a claim for negligent hiring, retention, and supervision of the dentist who originally performed the work. Coast Dental hired the dentist after he had a positive pre-employment drug screen and retained him after he overdosed on drugs stolen from the office only a month after being hired.

In addition, the dentist later admitted to abusing nitrous oxide in the office, and finally resigned from his post without ever being reprimanded or terminated by Coast Dental.

Just before the jury was set to hear evidence on punitive damages, Coast Dental settled for a confidential amount.

“We are pleased with the outcome, and our client is especially glad to have all this behind her,” Davies said.

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