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Below you’ll find comments from past clients of Hasty Pope.

Client Experience Auto Accident

“HANDS DOWN THE MOST INCREDIBLE ATTORNEY - I was in a terrible auto accident.. After enduring a horrible year with an attorney that never returned phone calls, I only spoke with his assistant when she decided to return calls, never had updates, file was a mess.. However, I then found Jonathan Pope.. Even though I came to them with a huge pile of papers in a mess, they took my case and diligently worked hard from day one until we finally got the case settled.. Jon and Amanda always called, emailed and communicated every little thing that was going on with your case.. I never felt as if I couldn't call them or email them and have a conversation about anything when I needed to.. Even if I felt as if I was overwhelmed in pain and miserable I could call them and was always made to feel better when we were finished talking..I knew I could focus on my health and getting better and that I was in the best hands available and my best interest was always their top #1 priority at all times..I knew they were treating me with dignity and respect and care just as if I were a family member of Jons... This is such a tumultuous time that you never know how you are going to act or feel until you are in the depths of the hell that car accidents can cause you and your family.. Not only financially but mentally and physically as well so to know that you have one less thing on your plate that you don't have to deal with and that you have by far the best representation behind you every step of the way is one of the BEST things you can do for not only yourself but everyone around you in these situations.. Jonathan treats you as if you are his only client, never a bother, returns your calls quickly and is there for you to discuss things step by step that are foreign to most people out there.. Unless you find yourself in the position of a auto accident you don't realize to what extent it affects your entire life so knowing you have the BEST ATTORNEY out there behind you to fight for you and your care is by far the biggest relief you can get at this horrible time in your life.. I know I couldn't have made it through if not for Jon and Amanda.. If He could practice outside of Georgia I would recommend him as the top attorney in the US... Ethical, honest, caring, and yet if trial is needed you will see you have an attorney VERY WELL versed and ready to go that route if all other means are exhausted he will most definatly go into the court room with the most confidence , knowing he has done everything in his power to prepare you for that day.. If I could put my phone number on here I would so I could talk to anyone out there that finds themselves in this position.. But trust me hiring Jonathon Pope will be and was for me the BEST decision I ever made for myself.. He made probably the worst time of my life bearable because I truly did not have to worry that my health issues were being treated as his top priority and never ever did I ever come close to feeling like "" just another client"".... And trust me, I had something to compare him to.. I made the mistake of hiring some one else first.. It was a horrible experience that was made into an incredible turn around by finding the right attorney.., it will change your life.. Auto accidents will change your life so why not have the BEST representation behind you so you can focus on getting better and not have to worry about what's happening with the attorneys and court and all of the legal part that most of us know nothing about..,”

Client Experience Workers Compensation

“Tom Pope made me feel like I would no longer do battle alone. He gave me confidence to go forward, and I felt he was genuinely concerned about my injuries and general well being. He settled my case in arbitration last year, and I would recommend him without hesitation. He is a fine, honest, caring, and all around good man that knows what he is doing.”

Client Experience Auto Accident

“Tom Pope is very professional, well mannered and honest. He has a positive, faith-filled attitude and has always treated me with respect and compassion.”

Client Experience Auto Accident

“The entire experience from beginning to end was very professional and efficient. I couldn't be any happier with the services I've received. Jon Pope is an excellent attorney, whom I will continue to recommend to all my family and friends with confidence.”

Client Experience Personal Injury

“I hired Jon Pope to handle my auto accident. He clearly explained everything and kept me informed answering any questions that I had. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case and I would highly recommend him to handle your personal injury case.”

Client Experience Personal Injury

“Jon Pope provided me with professional and efficient services. The entire experience from beginning to end was excellent. Jon is an excellent attorney whom I will continue to recommend to all my family and friends with complete confidence.”

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