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5 Steps to Follow After an Auto Accident

If you have ever been in an auto accident, you know they can be very startling. In the short seconds during the accident, you aren’t thinking about anything other than your safety. Once the shock of the accident has subsided, you are faced with a number of decisions that have to be made. It’s during this critical window of time where your decisions can have significant ramifications. Below are 5 steps you should follow after an auto accident so that you can properly handle any legal or injury related issues with your accident.

Make sure no one is injured
Asking your passengers if they’re OK isn’t enough. Physically inspect your passengers for any visible injuries. If there are visible injuries it is best to remain calm and still until help arrives. Remember that although you may not be able to see any visible injuries, that doesn’t necessarily mean there are no internal injuries.

Call 911
Someone at the scene needs to call 911 and notify the operator of your location and any injuries that you may notice.

Do not take fault
Apologizing for the accident can be an admission of fault (or liability). Avoid apologies and wrong doing until the facts are gathered.

Talk to witnesses
If there are any witnesses in the area, ask them to tell you what they saw. Be sure to record their contact information.

Contact an auto accident attorney
Legal counsel from an experienced Georgia auto accident attorney will help you avoid any unforeseen obstacles. Don’t leave anything to chance from a legal standpoint. Reach out to an attorney that has experience with auto accidents.

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